2017 Poster Schedule and Abstracts - Morning Session

2017 Poster Presentation Schedule - Note: Poster numbers correspond to the location of the posters in the auditorium

1. Culture Shock: Changing a Culture of Missed Breaks in the MCICU - Barton, Rebecca; Harborview Medical Center; Seattle, WA

2. Increasing the Percentage of Nurses That Take Their Uninterrupted Lunch Break - Frondozo, Melissa; Cole, Heather; De-Forest Dale, Delene; Reifert, Katie;  Moore,Rachel; Moody, Pamela; Harborview Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

3. An Emergency Room Improvement Committee: Interprofessional Collaboration to Improve Care Delivery - Crowell, Theresa; Swedish Medical Center; Seattle, WA

4. Together Everyone Achieves More: A Unit Practice Council Driven Initiative to Improve Teamwork and Communication on 7SE, a Med-Surg Acute Care Unit - Eley, Christine; Cox, Amy; Malick, Dana; Fermin, Melissa; Miller, Janice; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

5. Moving from Report Room to the Bedside: Implementation of Educational Bundle to Change Acute Care Nursing Handoff Practice - Cox, Amy; Berg, Pat; Gillis, Valerie; Nasenbeny, Keri; Peterson, Jamie; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

6. Development of a Systematic Nursing Tool for Direct OR-to-ICU Bedside Handoffs in the Surgical ICU - Carr, Nora; Cowan, Julie; Haverland, Amy; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

7. An Inquiry to Staff Perceptions of a Safe Handoff during Patient Transfer from ICU to a Medical-Surgical Unit -  Santos, Teresita; Hoogerhyde, Cassandra; Husser, Monica; Miller, Melissa; Reicks, Kassey; Spacciante, Leah; Valdez, Jenniffer; Windsor, Britta; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

8. Admission Checklist: Improving the Identification of Pressure Injuries, Nurse Satisfaction and Admission Process  -  Ehoff, Anna; Chapacharis, Julia; Davis, Sarena; Oh, Julia; Wilson, Megan; Hu, Winnie; Wheeler, Lisa; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

9. The Valley Medical Center General Medical Unit Bedside Report Project - Mayeda, Lourdes; UW Medicine/Valley Medical Center; Renton, WA

10. Initiating Bedside Reporting to Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction on an Inpatient Medical Unit - Arumugam, Kamala;  Baxter, Rena; Dunne, Alex; Kritovich, Anna; Louie, Mei; Rubert, R; White, Summer; VA Puget Sound Healthcare System, Seattle WA

11. Rock the Round: Purposeful Rounding 2.0 - Riewe, T.;  Spencer, C.; Bosseler M.;  Swedish Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

12. Bridging the Gap: Development of the Inpatient Surgical Liaison Nurse Role - Gafken, Laura;  Rea, Jessica;  Hodge, Nancy;  Madigan Army Medical Center;  Tacoma WA

13. Implementation of a Daily Safety Huddle in a 219-bed Military Hospital - Hansen, Konni; Eccleston, Sarah; Sartori, Deborah;  Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

14. Implementation of Interprofessional Strategies to Impact Nurse and Physician Communication - Correll, Jacy; Braun, Michael; Hansen, Konni; Madigan Army Medical Center;  Tacoma, WA

15. Innovation in Communication: Surgeon and Nurse Shadowing - Richey, Jazmin;  Sheldon, Rowan; Weiss, Jessica; Gafken, Laura; Rea, Jessica;  Hodge, Nancy; Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

16. Supporting Nurse Confidence to BE FAST with Suspected Acute Stroke -  Blunt, Jennifer; Providence St. Peter Hospital; Olympia, WA

17. Enhancing Nurse Autonomy through Authorization Orders - Kaemingk, Danae;  Cunningham, Terri; Taylor, Lenise; Armes, Laura;  Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; Seattle, WA

18. Peer Evaluation, Keep Calm and Measure Up! - Butler, Glenda; Swedish Medical Center; Seattle, WA

19. Improving Quality and Safety: Empowering Frontline Nursing Staff to Take Action - Macomber, Judy;  White, Tori;  Providence Centralia Hospital; Centralia, WA 

20. Watch List: Intuition to Action - Baxter, Markie; Ferguson, Alice; Gordanier, Christin;  Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA

21. Surgical Specialty Nursing Guide Improves Nursing Confidence - Hannam, B.; Harlow, C.; Dissing, J.; Adamson, J.; Brown, M.; Burian, J.; Carlson, M.; Patail, L.; Pfund, A.; Quach, T.; Rankin, S.; Sonneman, S.; Portland VA Healthcare System; Portland, OR

22. Mentoring Program at UW Medical Center - Hampton, Leslie; Snyder, Peg; Bridges, Elizabeth, Nursing Recruitment & Retention Committee;  Parker, Grace, Executive Sponsor; University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA

23. ICU Mentorship Projects:  Advancing the Practice of the Novice Nurse through Clinical Inquiry - Cockerham, Marie; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

24. Evaluation of a Pilot Mentoring Program - Collier, Brittany;  Swedish Medical Center;  Issaquah, WA; Howlett, Mary; Swedish Medical Center; Issaquah, WA;  Van Son, Catherine;  Washington State University, College of Nursing; Vancouver, WA

25. Standardized Patient use in Gero-Focused Nursing Simulation: Variability in Cues Across Presentations and Meeting Simulation: Objectives (Doctoral Dissertation) - Madison, Jessica; Valley Medical Center; Renton, WA

26. A Comparison of Consortium-Based Orientation and Blended Orientation for New Critical Care Nurses - Yan, Yi; Liechty, Matt; Harborview Medical Center; Seattle, WA

27. Development of an Assessment Tool to Determine Baseline Knowledge of Registered Nurses Hired into a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit - Peterson, Jenifer; Carlin, Kristen; Seattle Children’s Hospital; Seattle, WA

28. Implementing a Multidisciplinary and Multimodal Approach to an ECLS Specialist Program - Plourde, M.;  Kallestad, R.; Perfette, B.; Greco, S.; Nasenbeny, K.; Cheng, A.; von Homeyer, P.; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle WA

29. Development of the International Nursing Program (INP): Improving Critical Care Capacity in Poor Resourced Settings through Nursing Partnerships - Golden, Lia; Collord, Rachael; Plourde, Matthew; O’Connell, Lindsey; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

30. Brown Bag to Improve Chlamydia Screenings in Adolescent Clinic - Partington, Tracy; Lemmon, Keith; Quesnell, Jodi; Hyatt, Kyong; Simmons, Angela; Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

31. Implementing a New Patient Care Delivery Model to Improve Staff Satisfaction on an Acute Care Unit - Janto, Sophie; Al-Ghizi, Tanya;  Pham, Trang; Harborview Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

32. Creating an Infrastructure for Supporting the Emotional and Moral Aspects of Patient Care - Martin, Greta; Nasenbeny, Keri; University of Washington Medical Center;  Seattle WA

33. Cultural Competency in Our Changing World - Sperling, Debra; Northwest Hospital & Medical Center; Seattle, WA

34. Finding Moral Courage in the Midst of Moral Dilemmas - Wong, Karena; Bridges, Elizabeth; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

35. Leveraging Computer Documentation to Increase Nursing Awareness of the Elements in a Quality Practice Bundle - Graham, Laura; Shade, Carol; Seattle Children’s Hospital; Seattle, WA

36. Quality Improvement through Improved Documentation - Lobe, K.; Swedish Medical Center, Ballard Campus; Seattle, WA

37. Improving Inpatient Readiness for Surgery/Procedure: A Process Improvement Project - Libid, M.;  Feldmann, E.;  Collins, J.; Swedish Medical Center- Cherry Hill; Seattle, WA

38. Developing Evidence Based Pre-Operative Education Protocols in a Small Neurosurgery Clinic: A Pilot - Pardakhtim, Samira; Swedish Medical Center; Seattle, WA

39. Driving Excellence: Structuring Our Path to a 6th Magnet Designation - Dykstra, Chantelle; Powers, Michael; Bridges, Elizabeth; Sayre, Cindy; Parker, Grace; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

40. Merging LEAN and PICO for Process Improvement - Foley, Andi; CHI-FH: St Francis Hospital; Federal Way, WA

41. Standardization of Color-Coded Patient Alert Wristbands - Granfield, Vivian;  Lienhop, Adam; Hodge, Nancy; Yarde, Denise;  Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

42. Pediatric Color Banding for Emergencies - La Cava, Wendy; Alex-Wasielewski, Dolly; UW/Valley Medical Center; Renton, WA

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