2017 Poster Schedule and Abstracts - Afternoon Session

2017 Poster Presentation Schedule - Note: Poster numbers correspond to the location of the posters in the auditorium

 43. Evaluation of Wound Rounds Using Remote Videoconferencing: Patient, Family and Staff Experience - Lerew, Tara; Tam, Melvin;  Mandell, Samuel;  Gibran, Nicole;  Honari, Shari; Pham, Tam; University of Washington Regional Burn Center at Harborview Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

44. Asking is the Answer…How PONV Management Cut Cost and Length of Stay in our PACU - Baddley, R.; Eccleston, S.; McCarthy, MS.;  Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Center for Nursing Science & Clinical Inquiry, Madigan Army Medical Center;  Tacoma, WA

45. Management of Peripheral Intravenous (PIV) Access Devices - Whitney, Kelsie; Pierce, Courtney; Richmond, Lane; Hodge, Nancy; Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

46. Increase Adherence to Double Check Insulin Administration at the Bedside Using Lockboxes - Brimm, Janine; Engelmann, Evan;  Kurko, Kate; Zimmerman, Jessie;  Northwest Hospital and Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

47.  Reducing Hematoma Formation through Use of Standardized and EBP Protocol with Decreased in Length of Bedrest - Garrett, Anna; Thomas, Ashlea; Fletcher, Emily; Atienza, Ian Vincent; Northwest Hospital & Medical Center; Seattle, WA

48. WITHDRAWN - Implementation of a Formal Heparin Protocol for Left-Sided Pediatric Electrophysiology Procedures - Moore, Emily; Salerno, Jack; Seattle Children's Hospital; Seattle, WA - WITHDRAWN

49. Grooming…It is Not Activities of Daily Living! - Harder, Leslie; Seattle Children’s Hospital; Seattle, WA

50. Chest Tube Dressings: Is Vaseline Gauze a Sacred Cow? An Evidence-Based Practice Project to Improve Patient Outcomes - DiFerdinando, C.; Constantino-Shor, C.;  Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA

51. Nasogastric Tubes: To X-Ray Confirm or Not to Confirm- Is That Really a Question? - Constantino-Shor, Cheir; Keefe, Jeanine; Johnson, Lari; Welch, Sara; Johnson, Bennett; Swedish Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

52. Aromatherapy: A Natural Approach to Anxiety Reduction - Bolender, Kimberly; Cowin, Brenda; Providence Centralia Hospital; Centralia, WA

53. Voiding Trials within Outpatient Clinics - Tantoco, Mariel; Cabiles, Pearl; VA Puget Sound HCS; Seattle, WA

54. Family Reintegration Experiences of Soldiers with Combat-related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Hyatt, Kyong; Davis, Linda; Barroso, Julie; Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

55. Development of a Peer to Peer Transplant Mentoring Program - McNeil, Kristin; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

56. Meeting UNOS/CMS Regulatory Requirements on Nurse Charting for Kidney Transplants: One Medical Center’s Journey of Improvement - Brigden, Julie; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle, WA

57. Program Development and Quality Improvement for Restoring Function and Improving Quality of Life in Veterans with Complex Chronic Pain - McGranaghan, Pearl; VA Puget Sound HCS;  Tacoma, WA

58. 6SE Culture of Pain - Agler, L.;  Butler, E.; Cullen, K.;  Esonu, N.; Gogna, N.; Neagle, A.; Stewart, N.; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA 

59. Comfort Menu: Partnering With You in Your Pain Management- Acker, Mary Jo;  Wang, Freda;  Chapman, Michelle;  Moon, Sunny;  Phan, Anh;  Nugent, Doran;  Johnson, Lari; Keffe, Jeanine;  Swedish Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

60. Development of a Pre-Operative Pediatric Medication Administration Guideline for RN Callers - Acker, Michele; Deem, Nancy;  Seattle Children’s Hospital;  Seattle, WA

61. Childhood Obesity/Tipping the Scale - Busch, Jennifer; Blackburn, Jayne; Swedish Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

62. Wiping Out Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections - Crickman, Rachael; Waite, Elizabeth; Sullivan, Amy; French, Stephen; Gibson, Janice;  Swedish Medical Center; Seattle, WA

63. Eliminating CLABSI : A Journey to Improve Central Line Insertion and Maintenance Leveraging the Virginia Mason Production System and the IV Therapy Team - Selchow, Joy; Bello Neves, Courtney; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle, WA

64. Reducing Fall Rates in Acute Care through Enhanced Visual Identification and Individualized Patient Education - Braman, Gabrielle; Faye, Alagi;  Gomez, Saul;  Hurless, Elizabeth;  Schoolmeester, Amanda; Northwest Hospital and Medical Center; Seattle, WA

65. Noise Reduction Program on a Medical Floor to Improve Patient Rest Quality - Lozano, Juliet; Bagcal, Karen; Michaels, Steven;  Louie, Mei; White, Summer;  Rupert, Renee;  6 West Staff; VA Puget Sound;  Seattle, WA

66. Promoting Civility at UW Medical Center - Hampton, Leslie; Theiler, Sue; University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

67. Safe Management Protocol for the Hospitalized Substance Misuser and Staff Perceptions of the Care- Springer, Gale; Sarver, Mary Jo; Providence Regional Medical Center Everett;  Everett, WA

68. Impact of Translated Discharge Instructions (TDCI) on Caregivers Speaking Limited English - Hencz, P.; Ebel, B.; Horn, I.;  Carlin, K.;  Martin, E.;  Harden, A.; Martin, K.;  Kraus, J.; Merrick, S.; Seattle Children’s; Seattle, WA

69. CIWA Within the Emergency Department Setting - Lum, Stephanie;  VA Portland Health Care System;  Portland, OR

70. The Suicide Crisis in Washington State: Improving Prevention with Suicide Risk Screening in a Medical Hospital - Reis, Bianca; Valley Medical Center; Renton, WA

71. Effects of Awaiting Legal Guardianship on End-of-Life Decisions - Davis, L.; Greenfield, L.;  Pedack, A.;  King, K.; Allan, G.; Moore, L.;  Abdelhak, A.;  Whitney, J;   Harborview Medical Center; Seattle, WA

72. Improving End of Life Care in an Inpatient Setting - Solvang, N.; Hurd, C.; Bender, M.A.; Colagrossi, K.; Matsuwaka, D.;  University of Washington Medical Center; Seattle, WA

73. Palliative Care Nursing Education Initiative - Kelly, Deborah; Shaom, Edit; Westvang, Nancy; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle, WA 

74. Early Evaluation of an ICU Diary Program Regarding Engagement and Satisfaction - Eccleston, Sarah; Binder, Hannah; McCarthy, Mary; Madigan Army Medical Center; Tacoma, WA

75. WITHDRAWN - Early Rehabilitation in the Medical Intensive Care Unit: Improving Outcomes, Culture Change and the Financial Case to Sustain and Spread -  Schuldt, Stephanie; Myszenski, Adele;  Bella, Rrmina; Sebastian, Tiji; Kenyon, Justine; Ludlow, Kara;  Henry Ford Hospital; Detroit, MI - WITHDRAWN 

76. Is Your Patient’s Daily Mobility Potential Reached? Utilization of a Nurse Driven Peer Leader Model to Drive Best Practice Change Bedside - McMurdo, Jessaca; Malcolm, Kelly; Finch, Jessica; Overlake Hospital Medical Center; Bellevue, WA

77. Resuscitation Quality Improvement at Harrison Medical Center - Watson, Yelena; Reed, Theresa; Harrison Medical Center;  Bremerton, WA 

78. Validation of Point-of Care Blood Glucose (POC BG) Measurement in Patients Admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) - Greenfield, L.; Corl, D.;  Graf, L.; Wisse, B.;   Harborview Medical Center;  Seattle, WA

79. Standardizing Nursing Management of Post op Cardiothoracic Surgery Patients with the use of Functional Hemodynamics - Reed, T.; Harrison Medical Center; Bremerton, WA 

80. Bedside Nurses Compare Temperature Measurement Methods on an Adult Acute Care Trauma Unit - Fitzwater, Julie; Schippers, Michael; Norman, Beth; Legacy Emanuel Medical Center; Portland, OR

81. Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome: Early Recognition of Sepsis - Mohamud, Hodo; Zaremba, Alexandra; Ferguson, Alice; Virginia Mason Medical Center; Seattle, WA 

82. Enhancing Diagnosis and Treatment of Sepsis Cases by Rapid Process Improvement Efforts Between Nurses and Providers - Murphy, Young-Mi; Grant, Rosemary; Carlbom, David;  Harborview Medical Center; Seattle, WA

83. Our Journey Down the River of Blood: A MTP Story - Peregrino, Jonard;  LeBlanc, Renee;  Baker, Stefanie; Overlake Hospital Medical Center; Bellevue, WA 

84. Transforming our “Blood Culture” - Sullivan, Amy; Waite, Beth;  Kessinger, Kerry;  Harris, Amanda; Zych, Brittany; Swedish Medical Center First Hill; Seattle, WA

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